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General academic meetings, symposiums, study groups, and event management


We can help you in various ways, from partial items related to academic societies and event management to international academic societies, study groups, as well as overall event management (secretariat function) . We also supports other languages ​​including English. Please contact us for online meetings overseas.
● Secretariat functions
● Arrangement of event staff
Simultaneous interpretation / moderator / reception / guidance staff (multilingual support available)
● Signboard / Information board
Creation of standing sign boards, hanging sign boards, and information boards (including installation and removal)
● Poster panel / exhibition booth
● Equipments
Arrangement of sound and lighting
● Printing / Publication
Large posters for poster presentations at academic conferences can be printed from one sheet 
● Novelties and souvenirs
Conference bags /USB and stationery with logo, etc.
Please tell us anything you would like.
Click here for online meetings
Please contct us any time by phone or email.
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